Biologique Recherche is a revolutionary skincare brand designed to tighten pores, exfoliate, deeply hydrate, reduce acne, and improve the overall health of your skin.


Biologique Recherche is a revolutionary skincare brand designed to tighten pores, exfoliate, deeply hydrate, reduce acne, and improve the overall health of your skin.

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Experience Biologique in Beverly Hills

The products you put on your face can have a huge impact on how your skin looks and feels. They can even impact how quickly your skin appears to age. Biologique Recherche is a luxurious French skincare brand. It was founded by physiotherapist and biologist duo Josette and Yvan Allouche. Estheticians, celebrities, and skin-conscious people around the globe love and use Biologique products. The focus of the products is to nourish, hydrate, and beautify the skin using concentrated, pure ingredients.

Modern Esthetics is proud to offer treatments with Biologique products in Beverly Hills. Whether you want to soothe and minimize acne or reduce signs of aging, we can help. Call us today at (310) 507-7759, and we’ll recommend the right treatment regimen for your specific skincare needs.

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Benefits of Biologique

The extensive line of Biologique products includes lotions, cleansers, and a variety of other products. We carefully select which products to use during each appointment. We’ll take your skincare concerns and goals into account when creating a customized treatment plan. Some of the most popular Biologique products we offer at our Beverly Hills med-spa include Lotion P50, Masque Vivant, and Crème Masque Vernix. Lotion P50 is an exfoliating and hydrating product that resurfaces the skin. It also reduces acne and minimizes hyperpigmentation. Masque Vivant is a versatile face mask that detoxes and nourishes the skin. Crème Masque Vernix helps soothe and hydrate the skin. The Biologique product line offers an impressive variety of benefits, including:

Biologique Before and After*

We encourage interested individuals to view before and after pictures of our Beverly Hills Biologique patients. The photos will help you see how Biologique treatments can brighten, revitalize, and resurface the skin. As with all esthetic treatments, people with different skin types may respond in different ways. Because your skin is unique, you may not experience the same treatment outcome as someone else. Individual results may vary.*

The History of Biologique

In the 1970s, Yvan and Josette Allouche decided to formulate the Biologique Recherche product line. They did this to meet an ever-growing demand for high-quality skincare products. At the time, beauty professionals were disenchanted with available products. Unfortunately, they didn’t have many alternative options before the introduction of the Biologique. The Biologique brand quickly became a preferred option for companies demanding professional-grade formulations for the face, hair, and body. Today, spas and salons around the world carry the respected brand’s products. We offer leading Biologique products at our Beverly Hills med spa.

Popular Biologique Products

We already discussed Lotion P50, Masque Vivant, and Crème Masque Vernix as some of Biologique’s most notable products. Many other Biologique products are also very popular. These products come highly requested because they provide exceptional results:

Lotion P50 PIGM 400

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 is a gentler alternative to the original Lotion P50. This product may be a more appropriate option for people with sensitive skin. It resurfaces the skin with a blend of salicylic, lactic, citric, and malic acid. It simultaneously hydrates the skin with glycerin. We often recommend this product for people with acne-prone complexions.

Lait U

Many makeup removers leave the skin feeling harsh and dry. Lait U is a hydrating makeup remover that gently cleans away impurities. It does this without stripping your skin of the natural oils it needs to stay supple and soft. Lait U contains hazel seed oil, vitamin E, almond oil, and other nourishing ingredients.

Le Grand Serum

Le Grand Serum is one of the more popular Beverly Hills Biologique products. The luxurious anti-aging cream can help you preserve your youthful beauty. It contains rich and nourishing extracts from fruit and royal jelly. This high-class formula tightens and tones the skin while protecting it from environmental damage.  

Serum Complexe Iribiol

We often recommend Serum Complexe Iribiol treatments for people with oily, acne-prone, or combination skin. The formula contains zinc PCA and a blend of exfoliating ingredients that improve the skin’s cell turnover rate. As a result, the skin feels softer and more touchable. This formula also minimizes the appearance of the pores.

Crème MSR-H

This deluxe brightening cream contains powerful anti-aging ingredients. They include yam, vitamin E, and soy extracts. It also contains a unique oxygenating complex that delivers a healthy glow to skin cells. We recommend Cream MSR-H for people with damaged, dry, mature skin.

Crème Dermopurifiante

Some moisturizers feel heavy and restrictive. Crème Dermopurifiante is not one of them. This lightweight moisturizer provides a barely-there feel while purifying and soothing the skin. It contains lavender extract, glycerine, niacinamide, and other skin-loving ingredients. This product can help calm and hydrate inflamed or reactive skin.  

Biomagic Masque

As the name suggests, this product is nothing short of magic. It contains white clay to energize and illuminate the skin. It also softens roughened cells using wheat germ oil. Finally, corn oil and vitamins E and A help to combat aging and leave the skin looking fresh and youthful.

Specialized Biologique Treatments Available at Modern Esthetics

Biologique Recherche is a French luxury skincare line utilizing unique formulas that are rich in botanical, marine, and biotechnical extracts. Each facial is highly personalized and includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, effective lifting, and face + décolleté massage, using a curated, state-of-the-art cocktail of raw and highly active ingredients.

Customized Face Treatments

Facial treatments are tailored to the needs of your Skin Instant® by one of our Biologique Recherche experts. The longer your skincare treatment is, the more specific techniques and additional treatments can be added to give you the best experience.

˅ Seconde Peau Treatment

˅ Micropuncture with Skinpen® & Cocktail D'actifs Regenerants

Additional Treatments Available


For better toned skin

A reconditioning treatment that tones the epidermis, suitable for all Skin Instants©. The skin of your face, neck, and décolleté is drained, smoothed, and toned.

˅ MC 110

To reduce wrinkles

A treatment that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles for dull Skin Instants©. The skin of your face, neck, and décolleté is toned and redefined.


For lifted, better toned skin

An exfoliating and lifting treatment combined with massage techniques for mature Skin Instants©. Skin is smoothed, toned, and refined.


For clearer skin

An exfoliating and regenerating treatment for keratinized Skin Instants© and skin with an irregular microprofile. Leaves skin even, smooth, and radiant.


For more beautiful skin

An exfoliating and revitalizing treatment for wrinkled, dull, and thick Skin Instants©. Skin is smoothed and refined.

˅ SECONDE PEAU TREATMENT – The Red-Carpet Facial

Illuminating, reviving, & invigorating

A world first in professional esthetics, this regenerating and lifting treatment is created using an electrospun mask with 80% pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid for Skin Instants© damaged by the signs of aging. This can smooth out wrinkles in addition to healing scars. We recommend 3 sessions at 1-week intervals and then one repeat session per trimester.


During your microneedling or micropuncture session, we infuse Biologique Recherche Cocktail d’Actifs Régénérants serum with over 58 active ingredients, including vitamins B, E, C, and A, amino acids, and polypeptides that have been developed using cutting edge biotechnology. The Cocktail d’Actifs Régénérants is an over-boosted serum that reduces and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by activating cellular regeneration and stimulating collagen and elastin production but also protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals by boosting the skin’s protective functions.


For better toned skin

A hydrating and complexion-enhancing treatment designed for dehydrated Skin Instants©. The skin on your face seems plumped up.


For soothed skin

A treatment that stabilizes Skin Instants© that are particularly fragile or prone to reactions. The skin of your face, neck, and décolleté feels soothed and more comfortable.


For clearer skin

A treatment that controls excess sebum on the skin’s surface and detoxifies oily and acne-prone Skin Instants©. Skin is purified and unified, while pores are tightened.


To lessen pigmentation spots

A complexion-evening treatment to prevent and reduce the visibility of pigmentation spots for uneven and dull Skin Instants©. The skin of your face, neck, and décolleté looks more uniform.


To heal and soothe

We offer targeted treatments for those who have undergone or are planning to undergo an esthetic surgical procedure. These treatments will help prepare your skin in order to optimize the results or speed up your skin’s regeneration.

Biologique FAQs

It is okay to receive Biologique treatments in Beverly Hills if you regularly use other skincare brands. However, you should avoid using products containing retinol. They could make your skin sensitive and might counteract with Biologique products.

There are more than 150 Biologique Recherche products. They include moisturizers, toners, cleansers, and other products for the body and face. 

Improve Your Skin With Biologique in Beverly Hills

At Modern Esthetics, we’re committed to pampering every patient who walks through our doors. That’s why we proudly carry world-class Biologique Recherche products. We also go out of our way to treat every patient like gold. We look forward to telling you more about the highly-acclaimed Biologique product line. Call us at (310) 507-7759 to schedule your treatment with one or more of these premium products.

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